Yes, It is an Audit

Did you find a good fit with your leadership and organizational culture?  Somehow I doubt that it was quite that easy.  Fortunately, People & Strategy helps us take a look at how to perform an internal culture audit.  There are several instruments out there to measure your current culture and the gap between what you need your culture to be.

We have our own internal diagnostic tool we use that looks at a company’s people, planning, performance, and processes.  Regardless of what tool you use, administer it to key stakeholder groups from each department and level.  It is helpful to engage in conversations regarding how much these groups want their leadership to fit the current culture and maintain status quo, or to break the mold and lead in a different direction.  This dialogue should reveal what cultural and leadership traits add the most value and are most critical for your organization’s success.  Upon completion, this audit should reveal a profile of your successful leadership candidate and those within your leadership pipeline.  An annual employee survey can also inform this process if carefully constructed.

This audit can also be used as an assessment tool for leadership pipeline candidates and outside potential hires when they complete it as a self-assessment.  Creating assessments and even finding the right tool can be a challenge.  Let us know if we can be of help.


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