Who Doesn’t Love a Checklist?

We have been looking at how to provide your employees with catalysts and nourishers to have more progress days and higher overall achievement and job satisfaction.  Amablie and Kramer have published The Power of Small Wins that we are reviewing to motivate and engage our employee.  They have provided a daily progress checklist to review the day and plan managerial actions for the next:

Describe 1 or 2 events today that indicated either a small win or a possible breakthrough.


  • Did the team have clear short- and long-term goals for meaningful work?
  • Did team members have sufficient autonomy to problem solve and take ownership?
  • Did they have all the resources they needed?
  • Did they have sufficient time to focus on meaningful work?
  • Did I give them help when needed and encourage them to help one another?
  • Did I discuss lessons from today’s successes and problems with my team?
  • Did I help ideas flow freely within the group?


  • Did I respect team members by recognizing their contributions to progress, attending to their ideas and treating them as trusted professionals?
  • Did I encourage team members who faced difficult challenges?
  • Did I support team members who had a personal or professional problem?
  • Is there a sense of personal and professional affiliation and camaraderie within the team?

Adapted from The Daily Progress Checklist

HBR, May 2011

Upon answering this checklist you should see an obvious action plan forming that will strengthen the catalysts and nourishers identified and provide ones that are lacking.  This process will become more streamlined as you get familiar with your goals for the day, the patterns you find in what you lack, and by cementing the catalysts and nourishers in your head and being able to provide them in the moment during the day.

In our next blog we will look at the setbacks that you should avoid and how to do a daily checklist to prevent them from occurring.

How do you currently provide catalysts and nourishers?  Are there some that are not included on this list?  Did any of these surprise you?  Let us know and we can create more expansive lists together.


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