Who Are You Calling Boron?

I’ve been hearing you, “Liz,” you say, “I know all about intelligence, emotional intelligence, and even values.  While I do need to think about quantifying these for my leadership pipeline these concepts aren’t that new.”  Today’s fifth element will just what you are looking for.

Learning Agility is the ultimate “X” factor for success in a dynamic and capricious business world.  This was defined by Sternberg, Wagner, Williams and Horvath as something akin to street smart, savvy, and common sense.  Eichinger & Lombardo later defined it as being able and willing to derive meaning from all kinds of experience.  Povah and Sobczak distilled their review of the research into the following traits of learning agility:

  • Seek out new challenges.
  • Seek feedback from others and self-reflect.
  • Record “learnings” for future review.
  • Evaluate their experiences and draw practical conclusions.
  • Plan what they will do as a result.

These traits cannot be taught, but rather developed in those who possess the potential for agility.  There has been some interesting work in this identifying and developing of leadership agility that we will explore in our next blog.

Do you have any plan in place for examining the traits we looked at today?  Do you ask your leaders and leadership pipeline to consider and cultivate those traits?


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