What is Your DISCo Personality?

What is your DISCo personality?

In this blog we will look more closely at the DISC personality types and how they can also be used in a group setting.  Can you find your type?

  • Dominance: People who score high in the intensity of the “D” styles factor are very active in dealing with problems and challenges, while low “D” scores are people who want to do more research before committing to a decision. High “D” people are described as demanding, forceful, egocentric, strong willed, driving, determined, ambitious, aggressive, and pioneering. Low D scores describe those who are conservative, low-keyed, cooperative, calculating, undemanding, cautious, mild, agreeable, modest and peaceful.
  • Influence: People with high “I” scores influence others through talking and activity and tend to be emotional. They are described as convincing, magnetic, political, enthusiastic, persuasive, warm, demonstrative, trusting, and optimistic. Those with low “I” scores influence more by data and facts, and not with feelings. They are described as reflective, factual, calculating, skeptical, logical, suspicious, matter of fact, pessimistic, and critical.
  • Steadiness: People with high “S” styles scores want a steady pace, security, and do not like sudden change. High “S” individuals are calm, relaxed, patient, possessive, predictable, deliberate, stable, consistent, and tend to be unemotional and poker faced. Low “S” intensity scores are those who like change and variety. People with low “S” scores are described as restless, demonstrative, impatient, eager, or even impulsive.

  • Compliance: People with high “C” styles adhere to rules, regulations, and structure. They like to do quality work and do it right the first time. High “C” people are careful, cautious, exacting, neat, systematic, diplomatic, accurate, and tactful. Those with low “C” scores challenge the rules and want independence and are described as self-willed, stubborn, opinionated, unsystematic, arbitrary, and unconcerned with details

In an individual report, a list of 28 adjectives per category (dominance, influence, conscientiousness, and steadiness) describe high, medium, or low intensity.  Depending on how you score, a group of seven words per category will be chosen and explained to an individual to help him or her better understand yourself.  The unique combination of levels of intensity will place an individual in one of the 15 classical profile patterns.

DISC can also be applied to groups.  Each group member takes the DISC report and scores are recorded as high, moderate, or low in each of the four categories.  After identifying the group’s dominant culture and defining all of the sub-cultures, possible frustrations and/or strengths of the group are addressed.

Which one describes you?  Are you a blend or a purist?



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