What Have You Done for ME Lately?

We’ve been looking at Phillips and Phillips’ study on the 11 reasons training efforts fail.  Today we are looking at a reason I bet you could’ve guessed without a large scientific study.

Participants Are Not Held Accountable for Results

Management can learn and consultants can study and train endlessly, but if participants are the actual drivers of real performance change.  In our entitlement, drive-thru society participants are notorious for pointing the finger all the way up the management chain to the CEO without ever accepting responsibility.

A participant must do more than just attend the training and development sessions.  They must be properly motivated and held accountable for applying their new skills resulting in measurable business results.  While this creates higher expectations, and responsibilities for managers and trainers, the participant then sees themselves shift from learners to “doers” who actually look for results and report them to training and management staff.

This shift is possible with a results-driven professional development plan that develops very clear and realistic expectations, and provides detailed desired outcomes through various participant experiences and thorough communication.  Participants must understand that the training’s success is dependent on them and failure may be their responsibility.

How might this level of responsibility impact your organization?  How have you attempted to convey a sense of accountability to participants?


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