About Working at Brighter Strategies

Brighter Strategies specializes in strategic planning, process improvement and leadership development for socially minded organizations.

Our mission is to help build empowered organizations through the pursuit of best practices and continuous improvement initiatives. We approach each client engagement as a strategic partnership, establishing goals, identifying key stakeholders and getting to work quickly on an effective action plan. We believe our collaborative process is the key to building a financially sustainable organization that fulfills its social mission, without losing or compromising core values.

Our philosophical approach to this work:

  • Collaboration: We establish professional partnerships with our clients that foster trust and continuous learning.
  • Customization: We adapt best practice tools and strategies to match our clients’ culture, capabilities, and goals.
  • Communication:  We provide fair and honest feedback with respect
  • Client self-sufficiency: We increase organizational competency, not consultant dependence.

Our team:

Our team is made up of resourceful, innovative professionals — dynamic thought leaders who actively share our vision, want to be a part of a team model, and want to try new ideas that create value for clients and the Brighter Strategies brand. Our consulting team is made up of professionals interested and experienced in organizational development, behavioral sciences, industrial organizational psychology, management theory, leadership development, evaluation, adult learning theories, organizational effectiveness, and systems thinking.

Our internal operational approach is a little non-traditional. We are what you call an adhocracy, which means we have a flexible, adaptable and informal organizational structure that emphasizes individual initiative and self-organization in order to accomplish our collective goals. Our work is primarily done in teams and action/experimentation is rewarded.

We know it sounds weird, but our theory is we hire adults, and so we will treat you like one (and of course we expect you to act like one, too). This means we show up fully in the (virtual) workplace by honoring our commitments and producing high quality work. We work to help one another out and show respect by being kind, honest, and patient with others. We limit our complaining and focus on dealing with problems head on. We practice self-reflection and get comfortable with confrontation. While the list could go on and on, there are a couple guiding principles that guide how we work.

We believe:

  • Relationships Matter: Each of us is an individual who brings great value and perspective to the team. We engage in authentic conversations and aren’t afraid of constructive feedback. We strive to be “kind” and not just “nice”.
  • Excellence Matters: At the end of day, we are defined by our reputation. Our deliverables can be nothing short of excellent. We deliver what we said we would deliver, on time and on budget, or we make it right by the client (or our colleagues, if it’s an internal project).
  • Interactions should be Transparent and Fair: We are inclusive and open about our processes, how decisions are made and engage in regular generative discussion around problems with an eye towards a solution. We hold one another accountable and treat each other with respect.
  • Failure is a Great Opportunity: While we have great respect for personal boundaries, nothing was ever learned by playing it safe. We know that overcoming obstacles and handling defeat is an important lesson in growth. We expect you to take risks and embrace failure. We will challenge you by putting you in difficult situations and we will support you when you ask for help.
  • Learning is Lifelong: We believe that learning is important and so is growth in one’s career. We hire really smart and talented people and want you to continue to grow and learn with us.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: We strive to engage and understand beyond what we see so we can leverage the gifts and talents that lie within each member of the human race. We believe in working with our clients to live their values by creating systems and processes that level the playing field.

Organizational Development Consultant

DC Area

We are looking to add a consultant to our team – specifically someone with an organizational development and diversity, equity and inclusion background. It’s a flexible, mostly virtual position (with face to face client interaction in the DC area, when we aren’t dealing with a Pandemic) that has the possibility of moving to full-time if it’s the right fit for both parties. If you think you might be interested in learning more, please send your resume and a letter explaining your background, interest and salary requirements to Mary Walter Arthur at MaryWalter@brighterstrategies.com

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