Walk the Line

Walk the Line

In this economy, we all have to prove our professional worth.  As leaders, not only do we have to prove our own worth, but we also have to identify and maximize the worth of those who follow us and all the programs we champion.  This proof can be hard to come by when we are talking about training dollars.  There is such a tension there – we know that we have to maximize our employees’ effectiveness and job satisfaction, but those training dollars can be hard to justify these days.

Jack and Patricia Phillips have spent over a decade and conducted and/or studied over 400 impact studies to measure the success of major training and development programs.  During this analysis they found several patterns and eventually identified 11 reasons why training and development fails, and how to change that.  We will examine these 11 reasons in detail in this blog series to give you the knowledge and skills to avoid those pitfalls and prove your training dollars are well spent.

Reason #1 – Lack of Alignment With Business Needs

How do you determine what training program your organization needs?  Many times, training is chose to follow a new trend, or to satisfy a perceived need instead of aligning the training to specific business needs.  If you have not done an analysis of your business, job performance, skills/knowledge/attitude needs, then now is the time!  What gaps do you have and what do you need to fill them within your organization?  When you find a training program that addresses your specific needs, it will then credibly drive true and measureable results.


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