Unless you are a performance implementations or strategic process specialist, you probably haven’t had time to cultivate a sweeping view of the myriad of types and purposes of training and performance enhancement programs.  Doug Leigh, PhD and Ryan Watkins, PhD have written the Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace, Vol. 2: Selecting and Implementing Performance Interventions and provides leaders with a logical framework
from which to make performance improvement decisions and implementation procedures.  This handbook is a great tool to compare, contrast, select and implement systems for organizational improvement.

Even if you don’t care to navigate these choices alone, the information in this handbook will at least provide a basic understanding that you can use to examine what your HR, or consultant is recommending.  The following elements must be considered as part of your performance integration and improvement process.  We will look at these elements over the next few blogs:

Vision, mission, and objectives. These three elements are the foundation upon which your organization can evaluate and measure progress and success.  If you haven’t clearly identified what your vision, mission, and objectives are; now is the time.  Once clarified, tools such as Future Searches, SWOT analysis and appreciative inquiry can ensure that your organizational activities are aligned.