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We all strive for consistency, even within our company blog however, there are shifting and conflicting paradigms.  Leadership theory continues to unfold with “new” or re-invented ideas but may leave us all confused and inundated with new information so that we end up doing nothing – throw your hands up ‘cause you don’t care!

Lucy Povah and Kate Sobczak construct a contextual leadership model in People & Strategy that examines learning agility and how successful leaders successfully learn and adapt.  We will examine their research as they use context and organizational culture to assess leadership candidates and examine leadership agility.


“It seems the more that is written about leadership, the less we seem to know.”

Warren Bennis

While Bennis is sadly accurate, Povah and Sobczak have found some consistent themes in current leadership theory.  One of the most significant is the ability to change and adapt.  We have all seen leaders who have powered an organization to stratospheric success and have failed miserably at their next company –   see Bob Nardelli.

Change.  Either a company change, or change from within can derail success if a leader is unable to adapt to the changing context.  We must take a more holistic view of leader selection to include how an individual fits into the broader organizational, cultural, and socio-economic context.

Does your leadership selection process focus on past career success and accomplishments?  We must assess agility as a vital competency as we identify new leaders.  Do you have a leadership selection process in place?  Have you examined the criteria lately?  We will continue to look at this process in our next blog with culture and context.


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