The Magic of Capacity Building

Nonprofits’ efforts to fulfill their mission can be like playing a game of Chutes and Ladders. You create a great after school tutoring program – fantastic! You’re rewarded with a small grant to fund the program for one school year. But, you underinvest in your fundraising plan and down the ladder you go, as your organization scrambles to keep the program running or even worse, must discontinue it altogether. Running your nonprofit doesn’t have to feel like a game of rewards and consequences.  Capacity building – or “actions that improve nonprofit effectiveness,” is the nonprofits’ route to liberation.

So what are those “actions” that improve an organization’s effectiveness? When a nonprofit successfully creates systems and processes for its Programs, Operations, Organization, and Finances then P.O.O.F! the path to transformation is set.

There are a number of ways to transform your nonprofit into an efficient and effective organization. You can:

  • Cultivate an effective board;
  • Establish rules for that board to govern by;
  • Understand the public policies that affect your nonprofits’ operations;
  • Recognize the value of your organization’s human capital;
  • Create applicable strategic and succession plans;
  • Translate your data into usable, measurable, information; and
  • Share your organization’s impact.

Building capacity takes a lot of hard work. But consider the P.O.O.F. model towards organizational transformation by evaluating your people, processes, performance and plans within your Programs, Operations, Organization, and Finances – and take your first steps towards organizational freedom!

In what ways does your nonprofit need to transform to be more efficient and effective?

What organizational systems within the P.O.O.F. model are hindering your organization from becoming successful?

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