The Finish Line is in Sight!

We have completed the program evaluation cycle. Now it’s time to use your evaluation results to inform your strategic management process. You didn’t complete all of this work to simply hang a pretty logic model of your program or admire your brilliantly devised outcomes. Rather, evaluation is intended for action.

It is time for an action plan:

•Process planning starts with results (outputs and outcomes) and requires working backwards to identify the processes needed to produce those results.

• Action planning generates a plan for who is going to do what, by when, and in what order for an organization to meet its strategic goals.

Both processes are designed with program improvement as the end goal and should be tied directly into your organization’s broader strategic goals. Such planning should take place on a higher level within the organization as part of your overall strategic planning process.

Remember, program evaluation is not intended to stand alone, but to inform the strategic management of your organization. Which process will you choose and why?  What have you already learned about your organization from this process?



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