What Is Strategic Planning

Strategic planning helps you build a stronger, more sustainable organization aligned with your values and mission. A well-designed strategic plan is a blueprint for action and answers the questions: “Who are we? Where are we going? How do we get there?”

If not done with an eye towards an organization’s culture a strategic plan will likely get created, put on a shelf, and forgotten.

Our goal is to help you create a strategic plan that acts as a living document, moving your organization from vision to action.

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5 Critical Factors to a Successful Strategic Plan

There are five critical factors that contribute to successful strategic planning process:

1) Begin with a data driven approach to examine and establish the organization’s current situation including strengths and opportunities.

2) Ensure transparency and be inclusive by including a wide variety of stakeholders in the process.

3) Identify the organization’s strengths, opportunities, and threats through a SPOT (strengths, problems, opportunities, and threats) analysis.

4) Ensure the plan has the flexibility to change when major changes in the environment demands it (such as during the current pandemic, for many non-profits).

5) Give equal thought to implementation and success metrics, to ensure the strategic plan is realized.

Our Role

As consultants we help you:

  • Analyze your organization’s data with a scientific approach
  • Reveal your organization’s strengths and opportunities
  • Engage your team in fun, productive, and often enlightening facilitated conversation
  • Create and clarify your organization’s goals
  • Create an action plan for implementing strategies as well as communicating and measuring change

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategy and making decisions on how to allocate its resources (staff, budget, programs, and services) to pursue that strategy.

The strategic planning process in nonprofit organizations consists of three main components: plan development, plan execution, and plan review. This guide will take you through the process, which includes crafting organization mission, vision, and values statements; conducting a strengths, problems, opportunities, and threats (SPOT) analysis; developing a balanced scorecard with measures to track strategic goals; writing and communicating the strategic plan; and executing and reviewing the plan.

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