Can You Hear Me Now?

Evaluating communication is notoriously difficult; however, it is critical to ensure that the strategy has achieved its aim and that constant improvements are being made. Over time, new communication tools may become more obvious or ineffective. The communication team should assess the effects and re-steer as needed. We recommend that the team periodically survey employees to determine communication concerns and solicit additional ideas.

It’s important to remember that the purpose of creating a communication strategy is to:

  • improve organizational and management performance,
  • enhance decision making,
  • develop greater trust and
  • increase employee satisfaction.

While the tips and techniques offered in this series aren’t “must-dos” they are best practices that can help you and your organization thrive. We encourage you to use this forum as a place to share your challenges and accomplishments in building capacity within your organization. Communication is always a top priority with every company we work with, what are some of your other burning issues?

Until next time, Liz

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