Give me a T…E…A….M Gooo TEAM!

Communication brings alignment to an organization and its employees. We recommend that a communication team explore all possible communication vehicles, both existing and new to reach different audiences. The team can moderate interaction between official organizational representatives and employees. They should also develop and maintain effective communication channels.

Goals for the team might include:

  • developing a cross-functional/cross-level team or communication captains to disseminate information;
  • selecting a liaison to gather information from senior managers‚Ķthis is basically a fact finding role;
  • identifying potential stakeholders both internal and external;
  • building cyclical models that both share information and build dialogue about alignment and misalignment across the organization.

As this data is gathered, the team is then able to make decisions on how to send the information throughout individual business units or departments, how to craft multiple messages for multiple audiences, who gets what information, appropriate modes of communication and when information needs to be delivered.

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