Pigeon? Telegraph? Pony Express?

Internal communication is conducted through a broad spectrum of tools which must be carefully correlated to effectively influence corporate culture. Here are some examples of common communication tools:

  • Paper-based – such as memos, internal correspondence, newsletters, brochures, performance appraisal documents, slogans, posters and paycheck stuffers
  • Executive or managed for engagement – such as general meetings, town hall meetings, department meetings, conference calls, travelling road shows, face-to-face interactions between managers and staff
  • Electronic- email, website, message boards, blogs and the Intranet
  • Staff-to-management forums – surveys, staff meetings or individual meetings
  • Training – to teach specific skills and values such as customer service

Corporate policy and procedures are also important and must reinforce and be consistent with the message being that is being sent across all other channels.  As I mentioned, the above are common tools – are there other tools your organization have used to communicate/reach staff? If so, what were they and how did you implement them?

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