So Many Assessments, So Little Time

An executive called us here at Brighter Strategies and wanted us to conduct a team development training based on an assessment she had recently experienced at a leadership conference. She really wanted her team to have that same experience.   We chatted about her goals – team development and communication, and we shared with her that while the assessment she wanted was a great tool, but it was focused on individual competencies and would not translate well into teaming. We worked with her to select a similar but more appropriate tool. After consulting other professional development organizations that simply quoted her a price to use the leadership assessment, she ultimately decided to allow us to customize to her specific needs.

It is a challenge to find the right tool for the job.  Not only do you have to set specific learning goals and outcomes to begin with, you do need to have some knowledge of the available tools and assessments that you might be offered.

We at Brighter Strategies love to find the right tools for the job, and we also love to find talented contributors to our team.  We strive to find those employees that will support and extend our mission, and work well with the staff we already have in place.  This is not an easy task, but as any expert we do have our secrets.  In bringing on an exceptional intern, Chelsea Swift, we have benefited from her knowledge and enthusiasm.  The following blog series is her research on different assessments and how to use them.

One of the keys to a successful business, non-profit or otherwise is its staff.  Because your staff is not comprised of programmed robots your human capital is likely predictably unpredictable; they have conflicts, different personalities, and thrive best in different environments so it is hard to find the best people to hire for the team.  Thankfully, although it is difficult to assemble them all into a well-oiled machine on your own, there are tools to help guide you through the process.

Assessment tools such as ASSESS, MBTI, TKI, and FIBRO-B can help you guide your decision-making and improve team performance.  We will discuss these tools in upcoming blogs.


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