Six Tips to Create a Collaborative Culture

Talent Management magazine shared six ways a company can create a positive workplace culture, according to Jon Wolske, culture evangelist at Zappos Insights

Define who you really are. “A lot of companies don’t have their values or vision really clearly stated,” Wolske said. “If they do, it just looks really good on the wall.” operates with 10 core values that are written as action-oriented ideals. Some examples include: embrace and drive change, create fun and a little weirdness and be humble.

Celebrate the small things. A promotion or the completion of a project can be celebrated with something as simple as pizza or cake.

Social media can be used to share such accomplishments with clients and customers to give them a feel for the company’s culture. “If it’s something you can share on those channels, that would be a great way to celebrate with people who aren’t in the company,” Wolske said.

Encourage interaction outside of work. “A lot of companies look at interaction as a risk,” Wolske said. “It could just be, it’s Friday afternoon and the whole office goes to happy hour to just celebrate getting through the week.”

Lighten things up. “I worked in a contact center that had a strict dress code of shirts and ties. We would never ever be seeing customers or vendors in person. So, the shirts and ties: Were they really more to get us in the professional mindset? It really locked us into a ‘we’re-bound-by-all-the-rules’ mindset.”

Rethink the work-life balance. “We really look at that as more of the work-life integration. While you may be at work for an eight-hour day, you might have a great idea outside of work. Why not just make your whole time blend in together?”

Get to know your co-workers on a personal level. “I look across and I see Patricia, who sits next to me. Trish has two children and a fiancé, and I’ve met them all and I really know who she is beyond Trish, the girl who sits next to me. If I have to have a hard talk with someone about how, say, a sentence they said that hit me the wrong way, it’s no longer a big issue where I have to go to a manager because I’m offended. It’s just a casual, ‘Hey Trish, do you have a minute?’”

These six steps are easy to number but may be much harder to execute.  We at Brighter Strategies are great at assessing your organization’s culture and sharing ideas for change.  Give us a call if you’d like to chat, we are always happy to help.





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