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You can have the most accurate and compelling data ever gathered, but if you can’t clearly convey that data to your organization it is worthless.  The 3rd “D” in our blog series on performance measurement is display.  The data that you have poured so much effort into measuring must be communicated to your intended users clearly, rapidly, and convincingly.  This data must be easily accessible and provide relevant and meaningful information.  Your audience must be able to interpret and understand this data, instead of spending their time trying to decipher and decode the data.

There are web-based, performance measurement dashboard-type software that can be used to display your data with concise graphics such as ilDashboard Inc.’s package.  These software packages allow you to show data with real-time updates via the embedded analytical capabilities.  They also allow users to see all data on a single screen and then click to get more specific and close-up data per content area.  This ideally allows you to develop a successful performance measurement dashboard that provides the right people the right level of data whenever they need it.  This data can then be easily assimilated and converted into actionable performance-based knowledge.

Don’t be seduced by the technology, make sure that you are not responding to the allure of the software.  You must provide a stream of data that is aligned with your key drivers of performance; high quality, accurate and believable; and that will provide your organization the information it needs to move towards sustainability and overall improved strategic performance.


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