Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is a systematic method for collecting, analyzing, and using information to answer questions about organizations, projects, policies and programs.

Directors, funders, board members, and other stakeholders all want to know if a program is effective and reaching its goals.

As with all of our engagements, our evaluation models focus on supporting an inclusive dialogue that is positive, focused, pro-active, and flexible.

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Elements of Program Evaluation

Assess Evaluation Readiness
We work with your organization to identify the purpose of the evaluation, evaluation questions to answer, the target audience for the data, and the organizational values underpinning the evaluation.

Program Planning & Evaluation
We use theory of change frameworks, logic models and other planning tools to develop successful programs. We build participatory evaluation methodologies into program designs to establish seamless data collection systems and analysis procedures. We help align grant writing, program sustainability, and evaluation activities. We conduct independent evaluations to bring objective assessments of program success and challenges.

Outcome Identification & Measurement Systems
We help organizations understand the relationship between their program activities and organizational capacity and its impact on their ability to achieve outcomes. We develop SMART measures and useful and practical data collection processes to assess progress towards outcomes.

Data Review, Collection & Analysis
We review existing data and data collection activities that help you better understand your programs. We support evaluation activities by conducting focus groups, stakeholder interviews, and developing data collection tools, surveys, and dashboards to monitor results. We prepare concise summary reports and presentations that highlight program successes and provide recommendations for continued success.

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Our Role as Facilitators and Guides


We act as a facilitator and implement a holistic approach to develop a design that evaluates your program.


Working with you, we assess how well you are using program resources and the impact of your program on the community.


We help you ensure that your organization’s programs are focused on continuous quality improvement. Our engagements increase organizational and staff capacity in each of these areas ensuring data-decision making that leads to successful impact and organizational and program sustainability.


We help identify the most effective methods to communicate with your diverse stakeholder interests.

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Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is a powerful driver to establish a culture of data-driven decision-making across your organization. It assesses how well you are using program resources, justifies the existence of your program, highlights the impact of your program on the community in terms of strong outcomes, and ensures an organization’s programs are focused on continuous quality improvement.

This workbook will teach you how program planning and program improvements are based on solid evaluation data. Learn to write meaningful evaluation questions and determine the evaluation method that works best for your program goals. Finally, you will develop a practical data collection plan that fits within the tools you currently use, and share your evaluation results with critical stakeholders.

Evaluating Performance Outcomes ebook