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Encourage creative thinking and personal development with our eye-catching original photo images specially sized for easy use and laminated for durability. Availability in two print sizes provides flexibility when working with groups of all sizes whether purchasing a full or half set of images!

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Vision Boards are far and away Brighter Strategies’ most popular and best selling facilitation aid. These beautiful and durable sets of full-color laminated original images come in two sizes, 11’ x 8.5” and 16.25 x 12”, to jumpstart your team’s creative juices and help keep the conversation and room buzzing. With Vision Boards, larger sized groups can participate in the action allowing more opportunity to open doors to additional activities and stir up the action with fresh ideas. Whether you choose to purchase a full set of 82 images or a half set of 41, your high gloss boards come cellophane wrapped with a handy instructional activity sheet making it easy to transport them to offsite meetings and events and quickly usable resource at your fingertips. The ultimate benefit of having these user-friendly, reusable facilitation boards is group and individual facilitation made easier at an affordable price! Help your audience gain clarity, organize their thoughts, or create a plan from the moment you receive your Vision Boards. You’ll never get stumped again with this uniquely designed product that was thoughtfully made to engage a varied set of populations around introspective thought that leads to substantively enlightening dialogue. Vision Boards have been successfully used in activities such as creative thinking, conflict resolution, icebreakers, brainstorming, leadership, team building, reflection, strategic planning, personal development and much more. Try using Vision Boards to help an organization show visually where they want to go, what they want to accomplish or have experienced, or where their organization wants to be in 5 years. With Vision Boards, you’ll never get “stuck” again!

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Weight6 lbs
Dimensions6 x 16.25 x 12 cm


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