11″ x 8.5″ – Full Set


82 Gorgeous images in an easy to carry half size. Perfect for 1-on-1 coaching and small group facilitation.

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Including over 80 beautiful full-color images to get your team’s creative juices flowing, our full set of 11 x 8.5″ sized Vision Boards are far and away our most popular and best selling facilitation aid.   These original photos will help jump start the conversation and keep the room buzzing and being a full set, you will have enough for larger sized groups to participate in the action and allow yourself the opportunity to open doors to even more activities.

This set of 82 durable, high gloss laminated photos comes cellophane wrapped and easy to transport them to offsite meetings and events.

Units in box: 82

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Dimensions 27.94 x 21.59 x 5.334 cm