The 3 imperatives we’ve discussed in this series are a practical roadmap to make sure you are a leader that is growing, maturing, and having a positive impact on your employees and your organization.  Hill and Lineback also provide for our instant gratification culture by supplying an action plan called prep, do and review.

  • Prep each morning with a preview of the coming days’ events.  Consider how you can use each event as a chance to develop and further your learning goals.  What events could you delegate and what kind of guidance might you offer your employees?  Stretch yourself at every opportunity.
  • Do whatever is required of you on a daily basis with your new and different approaches.  Persevere and do not be discouraged – this is a work in progress.
  • Review your attempts and the results.  Reflect on a regular basis, and critically assess how you performed versus how you want to perform.  Some managers keep notes and reflect more long term.  This analysis can lead to greater focus, better prioritization, and more efficient decision-making.

Applying this learning to your daily work on a consistent basis is a powerful strategy to improve your leadership skills.  All the normal rules still apply – set goals, get feedback, expand your skills, find role models and mentors, and learn from your experiences; but a daily commitment to analysis and action will have immediate and measurable results.

What daily actions will you implement? What are some characteristics that you want in your leadership role?




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