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This December we are looking at the 2012 marketing and communication trends for nonprofit organizations based on a survey of 1,288 nonprofits and their strategies, fears, and plans for the new year.   You can download the entire report at

In our last blog we discussed that smaller organizations tend to be more social, embracing more frugal and less labor-intensive communication efforts.  Conversely, larger nonprofits focus more on paid advertising and print materials for their communication efforts.

Facebook eclipses those social media tools in importance, and all other tools far fall behind.  Only 34% of participants ranked Twitter as very or somewhat important followed by online video at 30%.  Blogging ranked as very or somewhat important by 27% with photo sharing (6%) and audio-podcasting (4%) of least importance.

However, it is important to note that while Facebook, Twitter, and blogging rankings remain unchanged since 2011, these marketing tools are still being integrated and applied to many marketing strategies.  Also, many nonprofits do rely on blogging, video, photo sharing, and podcasting to keep their online marketing tools updated and fresh.  All of these work in tandem to reach your clients and donors in continually evolving ways.  Do you have any great ideas to share about your online marketing and communication efforts?  We’d love to hear about them. If you have not integrated online marketing into your communication plan, spend some time preparing for the new year and new success by adopting these very important strategies.


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