“None of us is as smart as all of us” – Ken Blanchard, leadership expert

Managing a team is probably the most challenging aspect of your job, and is imperative #3 for becoming a great leader.  How many of you run to the break room to avoid creating a team or team building seminars? Take heart, you are not alone! However, there are powerful reasons to create a real team: members hold themselves and one another jointly accountable, individual behavior is strongly influenced through a group, and varied skills experience, and knowledge make a team more productive than groups of individuals.

To create a real team:

  • define a clear and compelling purpose with concrete goals
  • delineate tasks and responsibilities for each member
  • establish a transparent process is for working together and handling conflict
  • provide an explicit plan for communication
  • value and recognize individuals within the group for their achievement

These 3 imperatives are co-dependent and each will either complement or hinder the other.  Your individual relationships will help you get a real team put together, and provide resources and support for meeting your goals.

Do you have another imperative to add?  What successes have you faced in these areas?

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