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Announcing Brighter Strategies New Leadership Training Cohort

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A leadership training session.

Whether you’re new to management, new to management in nonprofit organizations, or just feel like you’re not being as effective a leader as you could be, this new Nonprofit Management Series can help you become the confident, proactive, and strategic leader you want to be!

Designed on a cohort model, this small group will meet via Zoom monthly over the course of 8 months to learn practical management and leadership skills. Although virtual, the highly interactive format provides a unique opportunity to learn from experienced facilitators as well as your peers.

We will be holding a FREE introductory session on March 20th at 10:00 AM.

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FREE Pre-Session (March 20)
A one-hour introductory session. Get to know Alex, get to know each other and get to know Zoom, our platform for the program. See below for link to complete registration.

Session 1: Intro to Systems Thinking, Infrastructure, and Operations for Managers (April 17)
Whether managing a single project or a team of many people, successful management requires being able to shift between scope-specific and broader organizational perspectives. The discussion will help people transition from focusing predominantly on their individual workload (or team workload) to understand the context of that workload within the broader organization. – How do all the pieces connect? – How can a systems perspective provide new info about problems and help identify potential solutions?

Session 2: Improving Self-Awareness and Developing your Leadership Style (May 15)
Developing an authentic leadership style that works for you (meaning it fits your personality and core tendencies) increases your effectiveness when working with and influencing others and makes you a more effective and respected leader. Being a good leader and manager requires a high-level of self-awareness!

Session 3: Getting Proactive, Intro to Risk Management (June 19)
This module introduces the concept of risk management: anticipating potential problems and being prepared to deal with them in a strategic way, and prioritizing and adapting in the face of many moving pieces. It’s not about avoiding risk, it’s about mitigating risk and minimizing the damage. Stuff will happen. Don’t be caught unprepared.

Session 4: Basics in HR & Employment Law (July 17)
The goal of this discussion is to establish basic familiarity with critical concepts and provide a framework for the participants to go back and learn about the specific policies, structures, and limitations of the HR capabilities within their organization. Specific topics will include:

  • Harassment, gossip and office politics
  • When to go to HR vs what you should handle within your team
  • Diversity and unconscious bias
  • “At Will” employment rules
  • EEO rules and considerations
  • PTO and sick leave management

Session 5: Managing Your Team (August 14)* Please note the change in weeks
Exercises and discussions will highlight ways to create ideal working environment for direct reports

Session 6: Strategic Communications and Difficult Conversations (September 18)
This module will help participants practice both planned strategic communications and on-the-fly responses to uncomfortable situation through several role-playing exercises with the help of a professional actress.

Session 7: Nonprofit Finance and Budgeting Basics (October 16)
This module will provide an overview of the team concepts of nonprofit financial management and budgeting, and how these concepts may be relevant to managers. Basic topics will include funding sources for nonprofit organizations; an overview of grants (private, government, foundation); the difference between grants and contracts; restricted vs unrestricted funds; different types of expenses.

Session 8: Project Management Tools (November 20)
This module will give participants a chance to learn and practice basic project management concepts to ensure the workload under their authority is done well and completed on time.

All sessions will be virtual and held from 10:00 AM- 12:00 PM, EST. You will be sent links to the seminars after you complete your registration.


To make sure you receive the customized help you need, we have three pricing levels for the program:

$3,000 – All 8 virtual group sessions plus an additional 8 private sessions conducted over Zoom with Alexandra Suchman.
$2,200 – All 8 virtual group sessions plus an additional 4 private sessions conducted over Zoom with Alexandra Suchman.
$1,400 – The 8 virtual group sessions.

About the Instructor

Alexandra Suchman

Alex’s background includes both research and operations management, which provides her with an unusual blend of skills and perspective that sets her apart from other consultants. She understands that every workplace is unique in terms of its needs, history, people, and culture, and her job is to ask all the right questions, and suggest solutions that address the operational challenges within that specific context. Read more

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