Let’s Get Radical!

In our last series we examined the six abilities of phronetic and wise leaders.  Now that you are officially wise, can you also be radical?  Lucira Jane Nebelung is EVP at Blue Owl Corporation and is on the faculty of the Graduate Institue/Center for Leadership Studies.  In People & Strategy journal, Nebelung defines the fundamentals of effective leadership as a product of who we are, not just our HR systems and programs.

She bases her discussion of these fundamentals on two points:

  • The most effective leaders have a clear purpose and intent, and act in ways that others can understand and feel.
  • There is still an unfortunate tendency to manage rather than lead.

The forgotten fundamental is an intention for the well-being and highest potential of others that must be applied to the familiar leadership models of the past to meet the needs of the future.  We must take what we know about how to energize, engage and generate excellence in others and apply it to the scores of employees who still feel disregarded, disrespected, and ignored by their leaders.

We will be looking at how great leaders can generate relationships and connections that result in creation, change, and collective success – what Nebelung calls a radical approach to leading.  Are you ready to be radical?


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