Lace Up and Get in Line!

We are going to choose the race you will run today in our cross-training program to make you indispensable.  In our last blog we decided that we are not going to address your weaknesses.  Everyone has them, and unless they are fatal flaws, we are going to cross-train your strengths into excellent leadership attributes.

Choosing between good and good can be quite difficult.  It may in fact not matter which attribute you choose since any one of them will lift your overall leadership effectiveness score.  However, look to your organization for help.  Focus on a competency that really matters to your organization, or one that your culture cares about.  Also consider your own passions, what area do you care about that would serve your organization and your career well?

Let’s look back at Tom who chose a series of questions to ask regarding each of the 16 competencies:

  1. Do I look for ways to enhance this skill?
  2. Do I look for new ways to use this skill?
  3. Am I energized then I use this skill?
  4. Do I pursue projects that require this strength?
  5. Would I devote time to improving this skill?
  6. Would I enjoy improving this skill?

Considering these questions gave Tom a way to quantify his passions and then looked to see where those passions matched up with those of his organization.  He decided upon “inspires and motivates others.”

What skill will you focus on?  Does it match up with your organizations needs and culture?  Will you enjoy this skill?  Make sure that this will be a beneficial and somewhat pleasant process for you and your organization.  In our next blog we will look at selecting complementary behaviors to complete your cross-training agenda.


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