“Knee Deep in the Hoopla” – Starship

As this year winds down in a flurry of holiday parties and fundraising galas, Brighter Strategies looks ahead of the hoopla to prepare your organization for a highly productive new year.

We will examine the Non-Profit Marketing Trends of 2012 this month based on a survey of 1,288 nonprofits and their strategies, fears, and plans for the new year –


We will translate that data into ideas and action items that will help you sharpen your marketing plans for the new year.

We know that our savvy blog readers first want to know some of the specifications of those surveyed:

  • 54% of survey participants have a budget of less than $1million
  • 82% of survey participants are based in the United States
  • 6% of survey participants are based in Canada
  • 42 other countries were represented in the survey

The first data point we will consider:

Only 24% of nonprofits have a written and approved marketing plan for 2012.

I confess that number surprised me, though I see the “flying by the seat of our pants” marketing plan quite often.  59% of nonprofit communicators have a written plan or informal notes for their eyes only, but not formally approved by leadership.  Seven percent will just do what they did last year and ten percent only have plans in their heads.

I had to think about those stats for a while.  We all know that if a plan is in writing, we are far more likely to follow through.  There is no logic in having no plan.  Where is your marketing plan?  Do you have a marketing person or outside marketing consultant for 2013?





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