Just Like Diet and Exercise

No, you have not stumbled upon Weight Watcher’s blog.  We are continuing our look at how to develop your leadership skills with complementary competencies with research from Zenger, Folkman, and Edinger.  Just like diet and exercise, combining your already impressive strengths with correlating leadership areas can combine to produce an interaction effect that cannot be exceeded with improvement in just one area alone.

In previous studies, the researchers found 16 leadership competencies that highly correlate to such outcomes as increased employee engagement, customer satisfaction, profitability, etc.  After examining more than 30,000 developing leaders’ 360-degree surveys they did find correlating competencies that resulted in far higher scores on overall leadership effectiveness.  For example, the difference between 75% effectiveness and 90% effectiveness was clearly that both would focus on results, but the higher effectiveness group was also strong in building relationships.  The inverse was also true, if building relationships was a strength but not matched up with and equal strength in results, effectiveness suffered.

So, with extensive research they found that each of their 16 leadership competencies has up to a dozen associated behaviors, or competency companions, that when combined produced greater leadership effectiveness.  See the chart from Harvard Business Review What Skills Will Magnify My Strengths HBR-Oct-2011.pdf.  Take a look at the chart and you will find competency companions that will either allow you to use your strengths more frequently and effectively, or those that can make your strengths more apparent.

In our next blog we will look at how to identify your strengths and enhance them.  Do you see any on the chart that you already know you want to pursue?


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