If You’ve Got It…Flaunt It!

You’ve put a lot of hard work into evaluating your program; finally it’s time to talk about it. The final step in the program evaluation process is to share the results.

Use the following rough outline to organize your evaluation results for reporting to senior leadership and board members, as well as external stakeholders such as funding sources and regulatory agencies.

  • Introduction
    • Title page
    • Executive summaries
    • Table of contents
  • Pre-planning
    • Background information about the organization, industry, stakeholders, and program
    • Program goals
    • Gap analysis results
    • Evaluation questions
  • Evaluation process
    • Evaluation methodology used
    • Data collection and analysis processes
    • Outcomes determined
    • Logic model
  • Results
    • Limitations of the evaluation
    • Interpretations and conclusions
    • Recommendations for future action

Now you are ready to outline your own reporting strategy based on your evaluation questions, methodology, data collection and outcomes.  Also consider when/how often you are required to report your evaluation results, and with whom will you share them.

With the culmination of this process you should now see a powerful depiction of the benefits of your services, understand your failures, and have valuable information to reference later when trying to analyze changes in the program.  You should also be able to understand, verify or increase the impact of your services on customers.  As you report your findings, management and staff can really think about what your program is all about, your goals and if or how they are being met. You have also produced data or verified results that can be used for public relations and promoting services in the community, as well as provided valid data for budgetary or staffing decisions.  A job well done!

Brighter Strategies is committed to serving you throughout this process.  If you would like more information on Program Evaluation, please download our complimentary handbook that provides all of the information found in this series including supporting research and workbook pages.  And as always, we are available to customize or facilitate your program evaluation.  Please leave a comment and let us know where you are in this process, and how we can better serve you.


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