I Second That Emotion

I had a friend once who had two kids that loved to compete with one another.  The boy was a straight A student, president of the chess club, and received early acceptance into the Ivy League.  The younger girl was a B- student, captain of the cheerleading squad and class VP.  One day he was gloating about his grades so she stuck her tongue out him and declared that he might be a brainiac but was a social misfit while she would always have loads of friends and was a social genius.

Sadly, she was right.  He didn’t have a lick of sense or ambition beyond his textbooks while she had networking skills that would serve her career forever.  Have you ever known anyone like these two? Are those you know currently in your leadership pipeline?

In our last blog we looked at the fundamental of intelligence.  But that alone is not enough.  In fact, D.P. Goleman found that those high IQ leaders often fail to understand their employees and he asserted that leaders must also have emotional intelligence. In Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, he defines emotional intelligence as the ability to analyze and understand relationships, see someone else’s perspective, resolve conflict, and even control their own emotions.

Povah and Sobczak go on to say that leaders with lower level EQ are more likely to derail from senior positions according to Higgs and Dulewicz and quotes another study that found “the emotional intelligence of the team leaders is important to the effective functioning of the team; the leader serves as a motivator toward collective action, and facilitates supportive relationships among team members.”

Do you have any high EQ employees in your pipeline?  Do you know how to spot them?  But wait, we have 3 more core elements of leadership to cover before we start spotting your talent.  In our next blog we will talk about values and drive.


One thought on “I Second That Emotion

  1. EQ is more important than IQ because it has been said that IQ can will get you a job but your deficit of EQ can get you fired.

    And I’ll be looking forward for your next blog post Elizabeth.

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