I Challenge You to a Challenge

No one wants to tell the boss they are wrong.  But aren’t we wrong sometimes?  If you actually know of a perfect boss, call Harvard Business Review right now so they can do an interview!  HBR did publish Charalambos A.Vlachoutsicos’ six ways to cultivate engaged employees.  One of the 6 ways is definitely not to be perfect.  In fact, the third way is to invite disagreement.We have all read articles on the need to flatten our corporate structure and encourage employee feedback.  But there are strong cultural and corporate norms at work against honest, critical feedback – especially in the current economy.  We must work to elicit direct feedback by asking questions, having informal discussions as well as one-on-one meetings to encourage employee input.  Be especially sensitive to employees from other generations, cultures, or professions as they may have even more barriers to providing critical feedback.

When was the last time you sought honest, critical feedback?  Have you had an informal meeting with an employee lately that you knew in advance would invite disagreement?  You may be missing out on knowledge and experience that could be of great benefit to your career as well as your organization.



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