Have You Found That Lovin’ Feeling?

In our last blog we saw companies who attribute their great success to putting people and creative realization first.  Lucira Jane Nebelung has called this a radical approach to leadership – love and connection.  In People & Strategy she asserts that the majority of us leaders have not integrated developing and maintaining relationships into our organization because we are focused on managing complexity and process.  With the next decade bringing more change and complexity, such narrow management will not provide growth and profitability.

We must create an environment of caring relationships among our leaders that will then develop new leaders that operate with accountability and commitment.  In order to develop this positive environment in your organizaton consider the following questions:

  • How many of your interactions foster creative realization?
  • What company practices encourage individual development and creative realization?
  • How many of your interactions are based on control or reprimand?
  • Have you personally experienced any positive, encouraging dynamics with employees?
  • Who can you develop a positive, connected relationship with?

As we have seen in this blog series, making positive connections has a great impact on your work life, employee culture, and bottom line.  In the non-profit sector, happy employees make for happy clients as well as excellent service.  Loving your leadership and organization is well worth the time invested.


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