Harness the Lattice

The shift of mindset and motivation in today’s workforce can best be described as moving from ladder to lattice.  Our last blog reviewed some statistics that are driving this trend, and we will know look at some of the Be responsive to these emerging cultural trends by creating options that align your human capital capabilities to your organizational needs.  There are three choices your organization might consider implementing to capitalize on this shifting paradigm and harness the lattice.

For instance, you might design multidirectional career progression options across your organization. Experience serving different programs and departments throughout your organization will result in well-rounded employees.  A multitude of latticed options for career advancement, versus a ladder progression, will deepen your bench and your leadership pipeline.

You might also lattice the ways that your workforce actually functions.  Technology has enabled globalization, virtualization and dynamic virtual workplaces.  These can foster employee productivity and satisfaction, as well as boosting team-based interactions.

Finally, consider your communications process in whole new lattice.  Broader participation across organizational levels and divisional hierarchies allows your employees to get involved, share ideas, innovate, upgrade knowledge, and innovate.

These shifting lattices will change the way your human capital advances and where they work.  Employee satisfaction can then be enhanced with customized career paths and an emphasis on results instead of face time.  Leading companies are already shifting from the ladder and embracing today’s much more diverse workforce which demands more work-life satisfaction.  Lead or follow, the lattice is here to stay.


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