Get Your Party Started

The New Year is approaching and we are getting the party started early!  In fact, you can party all year long knowing that you have analyzed the trends in nonprofit communications and are confident that your organization is on the cutting edge.

So, other than the holiday gala invitations you are sending out, what other kinds of communication do you send to your supporters?  43% of nonprofits email their clients monthly, while 19% email every other week followed by a quarterly email schedule at 14%.

Overall email is still quite a popular choice, with 78% of nonprofits plan to email their typical supporters at least monthly.  That is up 3% from last year.  How often do you email your supporters?  Have you considered the frequency as well as the sending out consistent and relevant messages?

Direct mail is another communication option.  39% of nonprofits end marketing and communication pieces to their mailing list quarterly, followed by twice a year at 31%.  Overall, half of nonprofits (51%) will send direct mail to their supporters at least four times a year, down from 55% last year.  With lack of frequency, be sure those pieces are powerful, relevant, and consistent.

In our next blog, we will look at what is most exciting and scary to the nonprofits polled in this survey




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