Fits Like a Glove

We have been looking at contextual leadership and how to ensure that our leaders will adapt to shifting environments and strategies.  Having defined leadership agility and the other key elements of good leadership, we will now look at how these elements can combine with our organization in a good fit.

Povah and Sobczak define fit as evaluating the internal and external factors that define the organizations’ context, based on the current reality and the vision of the anticipated future.   Some questions to consider for your organization:

  • What are the external conditions and challenges that must be faced in the external environment?
  • What business strategy must be executed to address the external challenges?  Is the company growing, or does a new growth platform need to be developed and executed?
  • Is the current organizational culture going to facilitate strategy execution or does it need to change?

Stop and answer these questions for your organization to define the competencies that are required to make your leaders effective.  This questioning process will measure the hand of the leader and ensure that it suits your organizational context to promote a successful fit.

Of course, your organization is the glove that represents the contexts within that leader must work.  This glove is formed by the external conditions, the business strategy and the internal culture.  The external conditions include market conditions and trends, customer feedback and competitor research.  The analysis of those external conditions will inform your business strategy.  Are you looking to expand, diversify, or consolidate your offerings?  Are you trying to figure out how to simply survive or build sustainability?

After defining your strategy you can then establish concrete actions that inform your internal culture.  Aggressive growth and survival and sustainability are all very different directions and your internal culture needs to be carefully cultivated to support those actions.

Of course, building internal culture is another blog series in itself and one of our specialties here at Brighter Strategies.  In our next blog we will look at determining your current culture and where you need to shift in response to your business strategy.


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