Everybody Do the Limbo!

We have been learning about contextual leadership and the fifth and final element of leadership, learning agility.  While we have closely examined what learning agility is and even how to evaluate it, there is a tool to place yourself and your leadership pipeline on a continuum of agility.  The following are the phases of learning agility from Povah and Sobczak in People & Strategy – they show progress from the beginner level 1 to the agile level 6:

  1. Becoming aware of needs. Having a perception of one’s environment and the gaps between skills and requirements.
  2. Experimenting with new behaviors. This is the critical change phase with different behaviors followed by learning review and adaptation.
  3. Raising selfperception of the learning cycle. Internalize elements of Kolb’s 4 learning styles
  4. Seeking feedback. Adds extra input to the learning process from others.
  5. Internalizing learning. New behaviors become integrated into skill set.
  6. Seeking new experiences. Ensures a high level of exposure to different and challenging situations.

How agile are you?  Where are you on this continuum?  Where are the candidates in your leadership pipeline on this continuum?  Are you giving yourself and your candidates opportunities that even allow them to be placed on this continuum?

As you consider these questions, we will take a look at achieving a good fit between leader and context in our next blog.  We will see how all of the elements work together within your organization’s context resulting in successful leader selection.

If you would like some help moving forward through these phases, or in knowing how to help your leadership pipeline progress through the phases give us a call.  We are always happy to help.


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