“Nonprofits are becoming more strategic about the work that they’re doing and are beginning to think about themselves as businesses.” –Elizabeth Scott, CEO, Brighter Strategies.

In this Through the Noise radio interview, Scott talks about the vision of Brighter Strategies to build capacity in nonprofits. She explains how Brighter Strategies works with human capital (people), the most important asset in an organization, and develops their capacity for performance.

“Building capacity is not about fixing anything, but about enhancing what is already there,” Scott explains. Toward this mission, Brighter Strategies teaches folks how to fish, rather than fishing for them. The organization’s consulting work includes leadership development, strategic planning, performance evaluation, and outcome measurement. In recent years, there is a greater emphasis in the nonprofit world on establishing effective Board governance and building a sustainable organizational culture.

The most recent Brighter Strategies Nonprofit Capacity Conference focused on the theme of culture. This quarterly forum takes place in Crystal City, Virginia, and provides a space for nonprofit leaders to share best practices, challenges, and success stories. Learn details about the next conference workshop, “Deeper Capacity Building for Greater Impact,” which will take place on November 1.

Hear more from Liz on the full Through the Noise radio interview.