Elementary My Dear?

A logic model is a picture of how your program works and provides a systematic visual of the relationship between the need for a program’s existence , your resources, day-to-day activities, and the program outputs and outcomes (efficiency metrics).  It maps out your program to illustrate why your program is needed, how it works, resource availability, which activities are a priority, and how outcomes are achieved. The model implies an “if-then relationship” between each of the areas above.  Now after that complex definition – an example:

If a community not-for-profit needs to learn how to implement program evaluation (need)…

…then a group of 25 employees from this organization + a training facilitator + a workbook (inputs)…

…and teaching + discussion + writing in the workbook (activities)…

…will create three hours spent in training + 25 completed workbooks (outputs)…

…and an increase in participant knowledge about program evaluation + an impartation of knowledge in participants’ organizations (outcomes).

There, that wasn’t so painful, was it?  I hope you are beginning to see how your organization might structure your logic model.  Let’s explore the elements of a logic model in an illustrative figure created by our team here at Brighter Strategies.

The process of creating a program logic model should clarify your thinking about your program effectiveness and possible adaptations. 
This process should also allow you to conduct ongoing evaluation of your program with both interim outcomes and the more measurable outcomes on the way to long-term and intangible outcomes. As a result, it provides an effective way to chart the progress of more complex initiatives and make improvements along the way based on new information.

This developmental process will require colleagues to work together and clarify the underlying rationale for your program and how best to reach your goals. Consensus building and a logical process will be far more significant than personalities, politics, or ideology. This should foster in depth discussions and create a sense of ownership among your employees.

This is a complex process, but certainly well worth the effort. From a complimentary handbook to customized solutions, program evaluation is a specialty of ours and we are always happy to help.




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