Don’t Waste Your Money Either

We are examining the many different areas of professional development and performance improvement that we must consider to maximize our organization’s effectiveness and sustainability.  Leigh and Watkins have written a great handbook to help leaders make choices in this vast field.  Today we will look at resources, expectations and feedback, and tools.

Resources. If we have learned anything from this recession, it is that we must stretch every dollar and ensure that we are maximizing our investment.  In order to efficiently apply your organization’s capital – intellectual, financial, or social, you must evaluate all of your organization’s resources.

Expectations and feedback. Clear expectations and timely feedback provide for a more nimble, responsive, and cost-effective workforce.  Realistic job previews, performance measurement and management systems, and leadership coaching are a few methods to consider.

Tools, environment and processes. Most human performance professionals provide highly customized solutions such as electronic, knowledge management, change readiness programs, systems planning and integration and process improvement plans.  When enlisting the help of a professional, be clean on what tools they will be using and why.  Have them clearly outline the outcomes they expect and how they will communicate them to you and your staff.


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