Did You Make the Right Hire?

Before you figure out how to help everyone mesh well, you have to find them first.  Enter ASSESS.  ASSESS can help you determine who might be the top candidate for a job, the best employee for a promotion, or identify the most effective ways to develop your staff and capitalize on their potential as a whole.

We often see organizations that strive to create healthy and productive work environments.  Let’s be honest, some employees just seem to make that a bit more challenging.  While you can see that in hindsight very clearly, how about getting a glimpse into the future?

Before an employee is even interviewed, they can be tested through ASSESS.  ASSESS provides a comprehensive list of strengths and weaknesses in the fields of

  • decisive judgment
  • championing change
  • planning and organizing
  • drive for results
  • managing others
  • coaching and developing others
  • relationship management

This assessment also rates their abilities against the general population with either a high school or college degree.  Based on the assessment results, ASSESS will provide an interview guide with recommended questions to ask that candidate to get the most out of his/her answers.  It then provides a chart to help visually understand and assess whether or not the candidate should be hired, management suggestions to help successfully and effectively manage the new hire and recommendations for additional reading that may assist in managing and developing employees.

ASSESS can also be used to develop employees.  It lists and rates the same topics as when searching for a new employee, but the results are given directly to the staff member with recommendations on how to improve themselves with activities, resources, habits to develop, and new ways to think about situations to become a better and even more successful contributor and/or leader to the organization.  It provides steps on how to create an action plan based on strengths and weaknesses, how to implement the plan, and a graphic representation of his/her profile.

ASSESS is a complex tool that is wonderfully easy to understand.  It can help successfully hire and develop new and existing employees and is a great way to help you build and sustain your organization.



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