Tap Your Inner Inspector Clouseau

How can you be sure that the most optimal decisions for your organization are being made and, when the outcomes are not ideal, how can you learn from your decisions?

The six phases of the D-E-C-I-D-E model are; determine the environment, engage the alternatives, classify and compare, identify the best solution, deploy decision and evaluate the decision.

The “D” in the DECIDE model stands for determine the environment. In this first step, the decision maker should identify and assess the factors that influence the decision such as organizational culture or laws and regulations; and define the constraints of the decision for example; time, money, and human capital.

Some factors may be: who plays what role in the decision, how has this decision been made in the past and with what level of success, or what new information might be helpful? Such an examination illustrates which decisions need improvement and what processes might make them more effective while ensuring that the problem is both properly framed and that all possible influencing factors have been identified.

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