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The current pandemic is forcing organizations of all sizes and missions to re-evaluate strategic plans, hiring decisions and even their mission. During this difficult time we are pleased to offer free, one-hour consultations via Zoom to help you think through the implications and ramifications of the Corona pandemic on your organization. Please fill out our contact form to schedule.

Elizabeth Scott, PhD, CEO/President

Elizabeth Scott, PhD, CEO/President
Virtual Summit for Nonprofit Changemakers
Communicating Culture Change
September 28, 2021 3:00 PM, ET

Arguably highly successful companies are led by dynamic and charismatic leaders such as Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey and Tim Cook to name a few. Strong leaders and their leadership skills in the context of organizations are viewed as vital to its success and impact. Indeed, leaders are expected to inspire, motivate and drive the company’s strategic vision. When organizational culture change is necessary, a strong internal communications plan led by the right people can make the difference between success or failure. This session will help leaders grasp the critical importance of communicating culture change to internal and external audiences. By the end of this session, participants will understand what culture change entails from a communications perspective, how to identify and address various audiences regarding organizational culture change, how to maintain authenticity, and why being a change leader can help one’s organization grow and thrive.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to understand the practical and emotional impacts of change
  • How to develop a communication change strategy
  • Tips and techniques for successfully navigating organizational change

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Marta Segal Block, Director of Marketing & Communications

Marta Segal Block, Director of Marketing
Virtual Summit for Nonprofit Changemakers
Don’t Let HR Ruin Your PR (or vice versa)
September 30 2021 12:45 PM, ET

Ellen DeGeneres built her reputation and her ratings on being “nice.” Then, employees accused her of running a hostile work environment. This is just one very public example of a common problem organizations face. What happens when your HR policies don’t match your marketing, or even your mission? In organizations with strong missions and a strong sense of identity, HR and Marketing are telling the same story to two different audiences. But sometimes, because of the ways that companies grow and develop HR and Marketing get out of sync with each other. In this presentation we’ll discuss the top mistakes these two departments make when working together and why they make them. We’ll also discuss helpful steps for preventing this misfires and keeping your organization moving in the same direction.

Attendee takeaways:

  • Common misteps HR makes that impact marketing.
  • Ways to make sure marketing and HR are aligned.

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Elizabeth Scott, PhD, CEO/President

Elizabeth Scott, PhD, CEO/President
Program Evaluation 101
Tidewater Community College
October 21, 2021 9:00-3:30

This workshop provides a hands-on overview of program evaluation and will cover how to create a logic model, how to apply it to a program, and how to develop outcomes/goals for the program based on the evaluation. The three major types of Program Evaluation will be discussed: Goals-Based; Process-Based and Outcomes-Based evaluations.

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Mary Walter Arthur, Senior Consultant

Mary Walter Arthur, Senior Consultant
KeyCon 2021, Erie, PA
10 Steps to a Happy, Effective Organization
October 26, 2:00-3:30

The COVID pandemic changed the way we work, perhaps forever.  Workforces relocated, competition for talent increased and new technologies came to the forefront.  Leaders across industries have been forced to examine and re-evaluate how they manage and operate.  These changes have significant implications for how human capital should be managed and HR should function.  In this presentation, we will examine a human capital management strategy that focuses on the ten steps to a happy, effective organization.

Learn more about a strategic human capital management model that can be used at your organization!

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Elizabeth Scott, PhD, CEO/President
“You Learn Life by Living It”
Profiles in Success

Our CEO talks with Gordon Bernhardt of Profiles in Success about our work, and her journey to get here.

Listen here.

Elizabeth Scott, PhD, CEO/President
The Pandemic and the Nonprofit Sector
Mission Impact Podcast

Our CEO talks with Carol Hamilton of the Mission Impact podcast about how the pandemic has changed nonprofit culture, and how your nonprofit can make sure you’re making the necessary changes as well.

Listen here.

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Covid-19 & Racial Inequity in the Greater Washington Nonprofit Sector

The Center for Nonprofit Advancement commissioned research from Brighter Strategies as part of a regional study to determine how to structure support that best serves area needs. The data collected focused on the impact of the pandemic and racial inequity in our region—Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia—and is important to the proprieties and action agendas for all sectors. You can view the presentation of the results, and download the results, here.

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