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The current pandemic is forcing organizations of all sizes and missions to re-evaluate strategic plans, hiring decisions and even their mission. During this difficult time we are pleased to offer free, one-hour consultations via Zoom to help you think through the implications and ramifications of the Corona pandemic on your organization. Please fill out our contact form to schedule.

Elizabeth Scott, PhD, CEO/President

Elizabeth Scott, CEO/President
Organizational Change Alliance
An OD Intervention for the OD Practice
February 10, 2022
6:15 PM

There’s a new word making the rounds in the boardrooms of the world today. That word is transformation. Our society, our organizations, and the OD practice itself are shaking, with everything shifting above, beneath, and on the sides of OD.

It is here that we find ourselves in a state of constant transformation. Our human brain is built for predictability and is always checking if there is anything not the way it’s supposed to be, if there are any new dangers to ourselves and our organizations.

OD consultants seek to find predictable problems in an endless sea of unpredictability, but we find ourselves in a Brave New World where change and unpredictability are constant and with that, our brain’s ability to adapt quickly, is instead quickly overcome. The precipitator is COVID, but the variables were long in existence waiting to form. During this event we will look to the past for proven practices, mirror the present as we look at the current state of OD, and finally envision the future.

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Elizabeth Scott, PhD, CEO/President
“You Learn Life by Living It”
Profiles in Success

Our CEO talks with Gordon Bernhardt of Profiles in Success about our work, and her journey to get here.

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Elizabeth Scott, PhD, CEO/President
The Pandemic and the Nonprofit Sector
Mission Impact Podcast

Our CEO talks with Carol Hamilton of the Mission Impact podcast about how the pandemic has changed nonprofit culture, and how your nonprofit can make sure you’re making the necessary changes as well.

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Covid-19 & Racial Inequity in the Greater Washington Nonprofit Sector

The Center for Nonprofit Advancement commissioned research from Brighter Strategies as part of a regional study to determine how to structure support that best serves area needs. The data collected focused on the impact of the pandemic and racial inequity in our region—Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia—and is important to the proprieties and action agendas for all sectors. You can view the presentation of the results, and download the results, here.

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