Change Before You Have to – Jack Welch

Ask any prison warden, priest, or parent of a teenager and they will agree that change does not come easily.  Attempting to effect behavior change is almost impossible if this effort is made with a single event, such as attending a two-day workshop.  Without actual behavior change, training fails to generate business results.

Phillips and Phillips found one major physician malpractice insurance provider offered various training seminars to help physicians adjust their approach and behavior regarding certain medical procedures. Traditionally, the programs were offered in four-hour or full-day programs, with no pre-work and no follow-up reinforcement. Not surprisingly, the seminars changed few, if any, behaviors.  Therefore, reason # 5 that training efforts fail is-

Regarding Training As An Event

A person’s behavior (what we observe) is an expression of their underlying beliefs and assumptions. To make our change initiative effective to others, we must understand why people they do what they do, what steps will provide a good ROI, and the necessary measurements and follow-ups that will continue to encourage and define the change necessary in your organization.

It may help to liken a training initiative to an exercise and weight loss regimen.  To be successful a participant should know what they currently weigh along with their body mass index, and a specific and measureable goal.  They should then evaluate their current level of fitness and apply the proper nutrition and exercise efforts required to achieve their specific targeted weight and BMI.  An occasional visit to the gym and inconsistent changes in eating habits will have little impact on the body. However, a continuous process of working out, progress checks and modifications, along with the proper motivation and support will make it happen.

Training is not a singular event that guarantees success.  Instead, it is a carefully planned and monitored process that will lead to behavior change.



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