Your Organization, Just Better

Between tight budgets and program demand, your non-profit or association has to do more with less – and do it well no matter what because so many people are depending on you.

If your organization is undergoing a big change in leadership or workforce structure due to a merger, acquisition, restructuring, retirement, or new initiative, you have even more on your already full plate.

Brighter Strategies will help your organization make the most of your people, processes, and plans so you can deliver on your promises and perform at the top of your game. We do that through organizational development and/or change management.

How it works

We start with extensive interviews and stakeholder and competitive analysis to understand everything about your organization and the environment in which you operate.

Then we use a variety of assessments and tools to determine where you are now. Finally, we act as a facilitator to identify your organization’s vision and work together to craft a strategic plan that can achieve outstanding results.

Depending on your situation, we might use one or a combination of the following assessments and tools:

  • Performance management
  • Process improvement
  • Workflow mapping
  • Program evaluation
  • Strategic communication & relationship management
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership training & employee development
  • Human resources management

Throughout our engagement, we will keep the entire experience as simple and easy as possible for you. We will work within your budget, proactively look for solutions, and remain flexible and responsive. The possibilities are exciting – let’s have fun while we’re at it!

As a nonprofit, we needed an outside expert who understood our unique structure as well as the services we provide. Brighter Strategies facilitated our strategic planning, empowered us to focus on quality and service while exploring our broader vision and delivered results. Their expertise has helped our organization measure success as we have moved forward in meaningful ways.
– April Pinch-Keeler, President, MVLE, Inc.

To find out how we can help you improve performance through organization development or change management, contact us today