Build Your Bench

When we think about the “hiring process” we often think about the external process – not surprising since about 70% of managers come from the outside.  I frequently hear companies say they want to hire from within but often there is no infrastructure in place to support upward mobility.  Encouraging upward mobility is hard work.  It means implementing career paths at all levels within the organization.  It also means building your bench and growing talent.  As we approach a new year, I encourage you to think of some potential resolutions to build a strong internal recruitment process.

Some concrete steps to build a stronger program include:

  • emphasizing internal communication (both how information flows up and down the ladder);
  • posting job announcement internally before posting them externally;
  • telling internal candidates before announcing new hires;
  • inviting internal candidates to receive feedback on why they weren’t selected (if applicable);
  • developing internal mentoring programs;
  • providing opportunities for employees to shadow desired positions; and
  • developing win-win agreements with motivated employees.

What value could a strong internal recruitment system bring to your organization?

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