Auld Lang Syne and Hello to a Successful 2013!

In our last blog of the year we will wrap up with what nonprofits have really been looking forward to this year.

  • Integrating Communications Channels to Increase Effectiveness – Nonprofits are learning how much more effective their marketing and fundraising can be when messages are shared in an integrated way across multiple communications channels.
    • “We are launching a multi-channel marketing strategy. It’s the first for our 46-year old nonprofit.”
    • “Moving from ‘old school’ communications (phone, print) to a primarily technology-based communications strategy (email, social media, website).”
    • “Continuing our work to use multiple channels to reach our key stakeholders.”

  • Using Social Media to Reach New Supporters – Nonprofits continue to explore ways to use social media to reach beyond their usual groups of supporters.
    • “We are moving into mobile, SMS, and integrating it with social media.”
    • “Launch of an online social community that ties into our database.”
    • “Incorporating social media more into our communications plan.”

What are some of the communication and marketing issues that are on your mind for the upcoming year?  Are you getting excited for 2013?  What new communication projects will you be focusing on this year, and what concerns do you have?  At Brighter Strategies we are always happy to help, and look forward to being a resource and support to you in 2013.



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