The key to innovation in any organization is not finding the perfect solution, but examining the root problem. Why is your leadership team encountering a communication breakdown? For what reason(s) is Program XYZ struggling to achieve its annual outcomes? What caused your major funding source to withdraw financial resources last year? Assessing the needs of your organization will uncover the true sources of the problems you are facing.

Brighter Strategies believes in the power of assessments and specializes in providing sound, research-based tools for individuals, teams, and organizations as a whole. There are a variety of assessment tools available in the marketplace today, and it can be overwhelming to determine which is best for your unique nonprofit culture. Brighter Strategies takes care of this legwork by choosing the most appropriate assessment for your specific scenario and providing trained staff to deliver it to you. Brighter Strategies’s assessment tools focus on nonprofit Board development, individuals and teams, and employee performance and engagement.

Board development

In your next annual Board development meeting, administering a Board assessment can help members understand both their strengths and opportunities for improvement. Before your nonprofit’s governing body can effectively lead the organization, members must understand how they are uniquely wired and how they can collaborate well with each other.

Individuals and teams

Just as your Board will operate best when each individual leads with her strengths, any employee in your organization can benefit from the individual assessment tools that Brighter Strategies offers, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Leadership Report or the Strength Deployment Inventory. For teams, Brighter Strategies administers the Myers-Briggs Team Report, the FIRO-B Interpretive Report, and the TKI Profile for Conflict Management. Whether through one-on-one coaching or in a group setting, Brighter Strategies’s consultants will work with your team and you to explore natural preferences, understand differing operating styles, and promote healthy dialogue that opens lines of communication.

Performance and engagement

To assess performance needs, Brighter Strategies uses the ASSESS Expert System, a web-facilitated system that links assessment feedback with competencies. ASSESS will also aid in the selection and development of your leaders and employees.

Finally, Brighter Strategies’s employee engagement tool measures not simply employee satisfaction, but engagement—the level of meaning an employee attaches to her work and the loyalty she feels toward the organization. This straightforward and easy-to-administer online survey gauges the quality of the work environment and the organization’s mission and impact from the employee perspective.


Brighter Strategies’s offers a comprehensive approach to assessment, providing you both the appropriate tools and the team of trained experts to administer these tools. By uncovering the strengths and opportunities for improvement embedded deep within your nonprofit’s individuals, teams, leaders, and culture, Brighter Strategies’s assessment solutions will empower your organization to become healthier and more effective on every level.