Are You a Failure Because You Are Success?

I’ve been blogging lately on leadership, and came upon a great perspective on how success can actually become an obstacle for future success.  Marshall Goldsmith is the best-selling author of Mojo and What You got You Here Won’t Get You There and examines the 4 beliefs that can limit your leadership success.

  1. I Have Succeeded – As leaders we have worked hard to achieve our positions and to advance the goals of our organization.  We have certainly achieved some measure of success or we wouldn’t sit in our current position.  This belief in our success enables us to bank on our past efforts and even take risks.  However, this belief in our success can transcend changes in our organization and even cause us to ignore negative feedback and refuse to change when necessary.
  2. I Can Succeed – Successful people believe that their intellect, talent, and innate abilities will result in creating desirable outcomes and controlling their career path.  This can create another obstacle to changing behaviors.  A successful person can easily assume that all of their actions translate into positive outcomes.  “I am successful.  I behave this way.  Therefore, I must be successful because I behave this way.”  However, we must be open to the possibility that we may be successful in spite of some of our behaviors.
  3. I Will Succeed – Successful people are ambitious optimists, often saying yes to desirable opportunities when they are actually unable to complete the task.  Over-commitment can be a serious obstacle to success when we believe in our abilities despite the limited time we have to exercise them.
  4. I Choose to Succeed – Successful people feel they are doing what they do as a matter of choice.  They greatly desire control over their careers and success.  While this self-determination works well most of the time, it can be a powerful inhibitor to necessary behavioral changes and course corrections.

Do you have success delusion?  Have you discarded negative feedback lately for one of the reasons above?  Consider your behaviors very carefully and don’t let success breed failure in your career.


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